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USD 168,000 /Week (all inclusive) +APA Optional

This classically designed 65 meter Sailing Yacht was built in 2012 by esteemed yacht designer Marcelo Penna of Barcelona. Although she has retained the elegance of the traditional Indonesian Phinisi Sail Boats of the past Lamima is a thoroughly modern vessel and luxuriously appointed to meet the most exacting of standards.

She was an IY&A Awards 2015 Finalists and the World’s largest Sailing Yacht and her crew of 19 Including Spa staff, and diving instructors; Will make a trip on her a one of a kind experience. Her sails are designed to catch ever breath of the sea breeze to take you too exotic places new and wonderful and you will be blown away by Lamima. Click on the Valium Online Buy button for more information and prices.


  • 14 Guests
  • 1 Master w/dressing room
  • 4 VIP
  • 2 Twin

  • Air conditioning
  • Wi-Fi throughout the boat
  • Spa and Masseuse
  • Massive deck space
  • Musical Indonesian crew

  • Diving, Snorkelling & Nitrox Equipment
  • PADI Instructor & Certifications
  • 2x Yamaha Jet Skis
  • 1x Tender 10.2m & 1x Outboard 5m 40Hp
  • 11x Stand-up Paddleboards
  • 2x Two person Sea Kayaks
  • 2x Jukungs (Indonesian canoes)
  • Selection of water sports equipment

  • Length: 65.20m
  • Beam: 11.20m
  • Draft: 3.70m
  • Cruising Speed: 10 Knots
  • Builder: Haji Baso and Haji Saka
  • Built:  2012
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