Day 3 – Second Race

The final day of racing proved to be both exciting and unique, getting two races in just after 1 pm with great wind and a few scattered showers.

Race 1 of day 2 started off fantastically, seeing a 4-second gap between S/Y Intrigue and S/Y Aphrodite by the second buoy. However, an unfortunate rip to the spinnaker of S/Y Intrigue allowed S/Y Aphrodite to catch up and maintain distance, coming in at the finish just 2 minutes behind. However, corrected time proved S/Y Aphrodite the winner, leaving both boats with one 1st and one 2nd place standing and S/Y La Numero Uno with two 3rd place standings.

The final race was run on a straight up and down course using the updated handicaps, which created quite the unique finish with both S/Y Aphrodite and S/Y Intrigue both coming in at 33:05.

However, because each boat had the same standings prior to the third and final race, and race three could not conclude the winner with an identical finish, a few quick phone calls were made to a World Sailing Technical Delegate, with confirmation that the winner of the second overall race would be named the champion. Leaving a final standing of S/Y Aphrodite, S/Y Intrigue and S/Y La Numero Uno respectively.

“Very rarely do we have boats finish in that closely. And I think the key is that it shows that we are making an effort to allow similar boats, which always can be different sizes, to compete,” race officer Simon James said of the extraordinary finish.

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Day 3: Second Race

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